We strive to give each and every one of our clients an experience that they will never forget. From the moment you walk in, the shop vibe is undeniable. The customer service is top notch. The quality of work is on point. And everything you experience will want you coming back for more. Truly a family oriented shop and amazing team of artists.

“Beyond wonderful! I have been in contact with Brittney since before the shop was all ready , waiting anxiously for it open its doors. I was blown away with my first interaction meeting Brittney and her husband Jon. They are without a doubt the most down to earth genuine people you will come across. The shop itself has a great atmosphere and mixes well with her personality. When I seen her work I figured prices would probably be pretty high up there but actually what she quotes is an unbelievable deal. Another huge bonus is she does quality pieces at a much faster pace. I couldn’t believe I was done so soon. Once you go to the shop you’ll be drawn right back in. If she were to venture on elsewhere I would fly out to get work done by her. I for one I’m beyond pleased with the experience and have now found my tattoo artist for life!”

Bernard H.

“BEST place in Auburn to get your ink!
Artists are extremely nice, sociable, laid back, and talented while still being professional and straightforward!
Shop is very clean! Artists make sure every surface is properly sanitized, every tool and instrument used is sanitized meticulously, and make sure their clients know everything they need to know about post tattoo and piercing care. They also make sure to remind clients to speak up on they need a break 🙂
Pricing is incredibly fair for the magnitude of skill and care that goes into every price they do!
Bonus: the shop is fantastically quirky! artists of every medium are welcomed to display or sell their work in the shop, there is a very comfy waiting/sitting area, and you can make an appointment online/over the phone or simply just walk in!
I will ALWAYS recommend this shop!”

Kenji W.

“I love this place! Brittney and Jon have a great business together. They are a very clean, well put-together shop. From the very cool decor to the ink, everything is way more modern than my first tattoo xx years ago! And Brittney is one hell of an artist. She did a cover up that rocked. I even walked in one day and she was able to do some quick ‘outstanding’ tats I’d been wanting to get done. And good job to Jon on the before and after care and making sure it all runs smooth! And if you want to talk ‘what does it mean?’ (Tattoo) Poor Jeff, he’s your guy for that! Feels like home! Great place!”

Lisa V.

“Absolute BEST tattoo experience I’ve ever had! I came on for a cover up after being turned down several other places. She was not only understanding and knowledgeable. But also compassionate and understanding to what my needs were. She gave me a very detailed consultation and advised me on placement and ideas to make it look more aesthetically pleasing with working from the lines of my previous piece. She listened to my story and why these were important and kept true to my original idea. She’s very experienced and confident so I felt very comfortable. In the end I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I am glad she guided me and gave me her artistic opinion! Because it is more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for. And I will definitely be back for more work! Her shop is beautiful clean and historic! Go see her!”

Crystal D.